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What if everything you have studied or learned about King Leonidas and the Spartans of old is wrong? Their prowess and fighting ability is well documented throughout history. What if there was something else about them that made them like they were. Something that none of us could have ever imagined.

Then read on.

I started this story way back in 2006 really, never knowing how it would be received. It has evolved into something far more than it was ever intended and I could not be happier about that. I took a moment in actual Earth and human history and created something that has grown beyond anything I ever expected. Queen Gorgo of Sparta is never heard from again shortly after the death of Leonidas. Much time was spent trying to find something about her and it is almost as if she disappeared from the face of the Earth within months of her husband and King dying at Thermopylae. I took that fact and ran with it. Look at it now.

Nearly seven years and five books later and still going strong. I have developed a written and spoken language for one of the main species. With assistance from several others that are original members of the Yahoo Group, we now have images of almost every star ship used for every species and they are listed in a Jane's Type Military file. Many others have contributed their time and effort to this endeavour and without them it would not be where it is. The story and characters may have come from my twisted mind, but as with many great projects, it can not be done without the help of others. Help I have had for the last seven years and help I will continue to have into the future I hope. There would be more books if I actually wrote full time, but real life does take priority over fantasy.

The story did not start out as it has evolved as I said, but I certainly didn't expect the following it has now. It is Sci-Fi/Fantasy for sure. It is geared more towards the adult crowd simply for the language and violence, not to mention the many different relationships, some of which are not the norm as we know it. Over the course of the five Books I have toned down considerably the detail and descriptiveness of the love scenes and leaned heavily towards the story. It has grown a life all its own over the course of the last six years.

I sincerely hope you will take the time to look around and perhaps read and be captured as I was while writing. There is a lot more to come in the future I hope.

Book 1: Time of Eden and Elves

This is where we discover our hero. The year is 2068. For his entire life he has wondered what he is and how he is able to do the things he does. He does not believe he is a member of the Genome Program as so many have told him. An Extinction Level Event occurs on Earth and propels him and his friends nearly 500 years into the future. It has become a world none of them were ever prepared for, yet it also begins to unravel the mystery of what they truly are. Martin discovers his true history, his true identity, and the answers to the questions he has asked all of his life begin to take shape. Only not into what he had ever imagined. He is a Spartan. Born a Spartan and so much more. His roots are in Sparta, but even more lies beyond everything he has come to believe to be true. Read and discover with him.

Note: Book One has the most grammar errors since I did not then have a full time editor. It's gets better as the Books progress. Book One will also need to be redone at some point in the future to bring it inline with the history that has been revealed throughout the five Books. Book One also has the most graphic love scenes since this project started out as something completely different and grew a life all its own. Rating: Very Mature.

Book 2: A Spartan's War

Having discovered his history and heritage Martin and his friends leap outside the bounds of Earth into a universe none of them could have imagined. He discovers where his people came from and truly what they are. He also discovers that not everyone is happy to see his bloodline return to the Throne. A villain arises from the shadows to take retribution for a Blood Oath swore against Martin's Grandfather millennium before he was ever born. This villain takes from Martin one of his three Queens. His most beloved Queen of pure blood. His Soulmate. The manner in which this is done adheres to laws followed by his people before he ever knew what he was. It begins a period of time where Martin is lost and acting out in a manner that others fear will lead to his death. While his two Queens begin to discover and deal with his actions, other old enemies are beginning to rear their head on Earth. It has become a war. And a period of time that no one can predict.

Note: The shortest of the Books at only 22 chapters. We will discover more information about his past and follow him through a nightmarish portion of his life. It is in this Book where Martin meets and falls in love with his fourth Queen. Graphic love scenes but no where near as many as Book One. As with Book One... language and violence is heavy. First introduction of Dragons into the story.

Book 3: Discovery

Just as the title says... this Book is all about Discovery. One year after the end of Book Two and Martin is now King of the Lycavorian Union. There is tons of history and searching for a lost daughter he did not know he had. A mission to the world of his species's birth filled with peril while those he considers sisters and family struggle with issues on Earth that threaten the stability of the planet and their future. One of these discoveries shakes Martin to his core and he must face an old enemy from Earth in order to survive.

Note: It is here that the graphic nature of love scenes begins to fade and become more implied. Still rather steamy but not so much as first two books. Language and violence is still the same.

Book 4: Wolves and Dragons of the Blood

This Book begins twenty-five years after Book Three and proceeds through an additional two years with the eighty-five monstrous chapters. It now has encompassed Martin's oldest son Androcles, as well as the oldest of his fourteen children with his five Queens. Can't give a whole lot of detail cause so much is happening, but needless to say, it was a bear to write. Many surprises within the Book, one of which almost caused everyone to want to string me up by my toes and use me as a punching bag. Much of the Book focuses around Martin and his son and what they are discovering about themselves, but there are several different plot lines. Many of which will carry into Book Five.

Note: Graphic nature of love scenes has almost all but been taken out. Still implied, but also still very steamy. This is the Book where I developed the written and spoken language for the Lycavorian people and many of the members of the Yahoo Group began to pitch in designing ships and other things. Without them... it wouldn't be half as good as it is. Longest of the Books so far at Eighty-Five chapters, many of them 40 pages or longer.

Book 5: Wolves and Dragons of the Blood: Revelations

The continuation of many of the plot lines from Book Four. Still ongoing.

Whew! Didn't think that would ever end! Thanks again to everyone who is helping me, has helped me and continues to do so without regard. And a bigger Kudos to those who read it. You have kept me going.

Mike Cropo